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Best Instant Messaging Apps for Android to Use in 2019

The rise of Instant Messaging apps started from the Symbian operating system of Nokia, which had tons of social messaging apps. With apps like Nimbuzz and Snaptu, the users started knowing about Instant messaging and the WhatsApp gain popularity. There are tons of popular Messaging apps available for smartphone platforms, predominantly for Android. With nearly thousands or more such instant messaging apps for the devices, it is quite confusing for the users to get the best messaging apps. 


You might be using WhatsApp for a long time and need a serious break from the same. Well, this is the right post for all of you as we are going to share the list of some of the best Instant Messaging apps for Android, that you can use in 2019. We have compiled the list of the best apps and used them for a while to shortlist them according to the user experience, features and other factors. The apps that are on the top of the list are highly recommended.

Best Instant Messaging Apps for Android

When you search on the Google Play Store, you'll find thousands of different Instant Messaging apps to download from. Most of them are generic IM apps, but some of them are made for a specific purpose.

For example, Slack is a messaging app for Office workers who are working on a project. But on the other hand, WeChat is for all and everyone can use it. We've compiled the list of generic Instant Messaging apps, that everyone can use without any issues. 

1. WhatsApp

How can we miss the king of Instant Messaging? WhatsApp is the only king of instant messaging apps and is being used by millions of users. When the app was hit by worldwide server outage, everyone was bamboozled.

You can understand the popularity of the app by the issues it caused when the small half-hour outage hit the app. You can chat with anyone in your contacts list with ease if they are using WhatsApp too.

You can chat with the friends you have in contacts, see their profile picture, send videos, documents, and what not to them. WhatsApp is free to use and free from advertisements. There are not annoying advertisements in the app and is available on Windows, iOS, Android and Web platforms.

2. WeChat

WeChat is the primary instant messaging app used in the People's Republic of China. Without WeChat, Chinese people can't live a single day. from chatting to the payment processing, WeChat is used for everything.

People do chat with others, send documents, videos, images, order products and food online and even pay the vendors through WeChat QR Code. WeChat is not limited for the Chinese people, and available globally.

The only thing that is not available for the users is that it does not support payment processing facility in all of the countries. If you can adjust with the unavailability of this feature, then you'll have no issues using WeChat for Android.

3. Kik

Kik app is one of the oldest instant messaging apps for Android. It was launched just after WhatsApp and is still one of the best IM apps to communicate with your friends.

Although the people have started shifting towards the other apps, it still has millions of daily active users, just like WhatsApp. Kik is one of the most secure apps and it won't steal your personal data. With the strong privacy protection features, the users won't feel any insecurities while using this app.

You can access every other feature that you can find on WhatsApp, like Chatting, Sending documents, images, videos and other stuff. Kik is free to use on iOS and Android. You can download it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store for free.

4. Hike

Hike is not that popular globally, but it is one of the best messaging apps for Android and is widely used in India. Hike is available globally, but it has not got the attention of the users.

Hike was the first app to launch Stickers to chat with the friends. WhatsApp later followed the same and introduced the stickers. With Hike, the indian users can chat with others, make payments, keep track of payments, send large files like movies, songs and other important data quickly.

The hike is popularly known for the image compression, which reduces the image size but does not reduce the quality. That's why many people use Hike to send wedding or anniversary albums due to lossless image compression.


These are some of the best Instant Messaging apps you can try to connect with your friends. These apps are popular amongst millions of smartphone users and there is a high chance that you'll find your best friends using the same app.

We've listed only four such apps because all we wanted to share is quality content. Other apps are good, but they are not versatile and do not have many features. If you have any doubts or suggestions for this post, then you can contact us using the form below.

Best Instant Messaging Apps for Android

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